Is it possible to view stock meta data in the GUI?

For example, from the API, I can see things like easy_to_borrow etc, but I can’t see these things on the alpaca GUI.

    "class" => "us_equity",
    "easy_to_borrow" => true,
    "exchange" => "NASDAQ",
    "fractionable" => false,
    "id" => "b3d1dc0a-3d59-4314-9ad2-e542adfcddbf",
    "marginable" => true,
    "name" => "Bit Digital, Inc. Ordinary Shares",
    "shortable" => true,
    "status" => "active",
    "symbol" => "BTBT",
    "tradable" => true

@isotope Unfortunately, the asset information provided by the API is not available in the GUI web portal. I’ve added that to the Alpaca feature request list though. It would be helpful to have.