Inaccurate data returned by

Hi, the following requests seems to return inaccurate data (I am using a paper account, should that make a difference?):

curl --location ‘
–header ‘Apca-Api-Key-Id: INSERT_ID_HERE’
–header ‘Apca-Api-Secret-Key: INSERT_SECRET_HERE’

Some of the days in the response have incorrect close prices, for example on 2023-06-21 it reports STCN had a close price of 0.8294, when really it was 7.74:

            "t": "2023-06-21T04:00:00Z",
            "o": 0.87,
            "h": 0.9,
            "l": 0.82,
            "c": 0.8294,
            "v": 183342,
            "n": 447,
            "vw": 0.850068

@rory Thank you for pointing this out. Alpaca missed a stock split for STCN . The close prices which were reported were accurate (ie the actual close on 2023-06-21) they just weren’t being adjusted if one fetched split adjusted data. The data has been updated and now correctly reflects the split. Again, thank you for bringing this to Alpaca’s attention.