Impact of wash sale tax rule on Algo Day trading

I recently learned about wash sale tax rule.

And I am bit confuse, so can someone clarify if I have to pay tax on all profit trades or net profit?
To simplify my question, let say I buy and sell 100 stocks 10 times in a day.
All LONG, 10 entry 10 exit alternately.
Start of the day I have 0 stock, and end of the day I have 0 stock.
Out of these 10 trades, 5 trades are profitable and 5 are not. Let say I made 10$ in each profitable trade and lost 5$ in each non-profitable trade.
Profit only trade profit = 5*10 = 50$
Non-profit trade loss = 5*5 = 25$

Net profit= 50 - 25 = 25$
Will I pay tax on net profit 25$ or on 50$?