I can't submit stop loss order with option trading

I am receiving an error message when submitting a stop-loss order with an option symbol. The error message is: “{code":42210000,“message”:“invalid options order_type”}
Here is my order:

  "side": "sell",
  "symbol": "AMZN240517P00170000",
  "type": "stop",
  "qty": 4,
  "time_in_force": "day",
  "order_class": "simple",
  "extended_hours": false,
  "stop_price": 3.70,
  "limit_price": null

However, I didn’t receive this error message yesterday. Do we have any new updates from options trading or how can I fix this error message?

The stop and stop-limit order types were temporarily disabled for option contracts on the paper environment.

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Do you know when it enable again?