How do i can get info when my sell order was filled?

How do I can get info when my sell order was filled?
I won’t get info after filling a sell market order about the price.

I use python

Sorry for my English*

There are two basic ways to get info on an order 1) using REST and call the order API. Check if the status is filled or 2) set up a web socket connection and have order status ‘pushed’ to your app.

There’s documentaion on the order API in the docs. Setting up a web socket to stream the order activities is described in the docs here. The choice of which approach to use depends partly upon algo architecture and on timing. Using REST calls, the algo is always pulling data. If there is an error, then the algo can immediately respond. The algo is also ‘stateless’ and can recover easily from a network outage. Using web sockets, the algo is being ‘pushed’ data and must constantly be watching for new data. If there is an error, the algo needs to detect it and re-connect. Some data can be lost.

Does that help? I can provide python code for fetching order info if you wish.