Historic_agg_v2() missing 2 required positional arguments: '_from' and 'to'

I would like to not include _from and to and just use limit = 6 as argument but removing _from and to from argument geives me erros.

However looking at the documentation i should be just able to avoid _from and to without any consequences and just get last 6 datapoints without the hassle of defining _from and to .

Please help what I am doing wrong. Looks like from documentation i should not have to put _from and to argument. .

Has anybody seen this issue or know how to fix this?

The documentation probably needs to be fixed, as this parameter is mandatory.

Thanks for confirmation @hitoshi. I was able to do this with historic_agg(
without having to put in _from and to but recently it stopped working so i was looking to make it work with historic_agg_v2. Which seems to have more computing cost and pain.

Hi @hitoshi ,
I was able to get the v2 working as the older historic_agg() seems to be deprecated. But it is giving me the first 6 data instead of last 6. How do i get the last 6 data with limit=6? can you please help?

Can anybody help me please, I am almost there just need a little bit of help here.

All I figured out using df.tail() although i was looking to implement it within the historic_agg_v2(limit=n). Seems kind of inefficient. Thank you though.