Getting real time data for 1 ticker


I am trying to get the price of a stock in real time with the alpaca api. The only stocks i can find real time data for are the ones in my portfolio. Im looking to query any stock and get the price. How do you guys do this?

Thanks in advance.

Bump on this question. In the C# SDK, I previously was calling GetLastTradeAsync on the RestClient. But now that has been changed to the AlpacaTradingClient, the method is no longer there. The AlpacaDataClient only has bar date to the minute and I don’t have a full count (yet) to access Polygon data. Any route I am missing to get a realtime quote (as the OP asked)?

If you are talking about C# SDK, I still see GetLastTradeAsync here or am I missing something?

Thanks for the response @hitoshi, but that is for the Polygon wrapper, which I don’t have access to given I don’t have a full account (yet). The early version (wrapping v1) had access to a method with that same name; the new wrapper (around V2) does not. I assume that is because the method got dropped from V2.

Is there a REST endpoint that provides that function that I’m missing (and / or maybe the C# SDK is missing)? The OP probably is just looking for just the raw endpoint.