Get Historical Data for Inactive Stocks


I am currently getting started to work with the API by trying to get some historical stock data. I used python and the “get_bars()” function. I tested some stocks from the list of symbols that I received using “list_assets(status=‘active’)”, but when I test symbols from “list_assets(status=‘inactive’)” I do not receive any historical data, even if the timeframe is some time in the past where the stock should have been active. Is there a way to get this historical data? I want to train machine learning models on the data, and not having access to the inactive stocks is a huge issue. For example, if a company went broke, then it will be inactive from then onwards, and thus, if the data is therefore not available, the machine learning algorithms will never see market data from companies that went broke. How can I fix this?

Here is an exemplary API call that did not result in any data being returned:
data = data_api.get_bars(“WRCDF”, “1Day”, “2019-01-01”, “2019-01-30”)

Hi Drag

I will try to check it to our market data team, will reach you back once it’s been confirmed.

Hi @DragMu89

thanks for waiting.
the WRCDF is in the OTC market, that’s why you can’t retrieve it with the default value for feed parameter (sip or iex). to retrieve the OTC market, you have to declare the feed value as OTC

Hi @Radzi_Purba_LPCA,

alright, thank you very much for your help!