Get Bars returning data from 2 different companies

I ran into something while testing a strategy. I found that the HLTH ticker had a massive jump in price from 2021-09-23 at $0.115 with 0 volume to 2021-09-24 at $16.76 with 11m volume.
(using iex data)

This baffled me, so I did some digging and turns out HLTH was owned by Nobilis Health Corp until they delisted in June of 2019. Then Cue Health Inc. had an IPO under the same ticker in September of 2021. So, from June 2019 to September 23, 2021, there was just 0 volume bars to fill in the gaps while the ticker was unused.

I made the same API call on Polygon and it only returned the data for the current Cue Health Inc. starting at 2021-09-24.

This is not the only ticker I’ve seen do this. So, do I need the Unlimited subscription to have access to other data sources that won’t give me old company data, or is there a way to know which bars belong to which company?


If there was an API call to get company details that would contain the historical IPO date, that would be awesome! I could just filter out data from before that date.

For “basic” overview of a company you have this API

They all have a free tier.

for me i use Alpaca for the realtime and the historical only . All the other data i used differents API.

HLTH first got listed on 9/24/21.

Before that, it must have been traded on OTC. With such up-listing, it often has a massive reverse split at the same time.

Alpaca data reflected this perfectly.