First Day Traded using Polygon API

For trying to get historical data with Polygon, does anybody know a simple API call to get the first day of data available for a given symbol?

not sure I understand… you want to know how far back data for a symbol exists?
I haven’t seen any api that provides that, other than trying to query data until you don’t get anything in return (and even then, that might be missing data so that is not bulletproof)

So the scenario is rather than binary searching for the exact start date based on whether or not data was available and making several API calls, I was wondering if there was a simple API call which returned a start and end date for data availability for a particular symbol for polygon.

There should be IPO data, so I would plug in the IPO date and plug it in with the historical api

The IPO data isn’t necessarily helpful because for certain assets when they had historical data is far beyond when polygon actually has data at the given resolution. Also, is there an endpoint to get when an asset was listed/started trading in alpaca or polygon?