Creating Sell Order failed with "Unprocessable Entity" response

I am trying to sell some assets like I do always on my paper account.

I sent a POST request to /orders endpoint.

The payload looks like this:

    "symbol": "BWMN",
    "qty": 1,
    "side": "sell",
    "type": "limit",
    "time_in_force": "day",
    "limit_price": 26.72644

I do it always like this, but suddenly it seems not to work any more. I got the “Unprocessable Entity” response for various assets that i definitly hold. Not just this one.

If I try to place the same sell order via Webinterface, it works fine. But API gives me suddenly a “Unprocessable Entity” error.

Is there anyone who can confirm this issue. Or do you have any idea what may be the reason for this?

Okay, guys. I did some tests and found the reason by myself.

It seems to be the case that the limit_price with a float of precision 5 is not being accepted by the API any more!

If I round to the float to pecision 2 like 26.73 it works fine.