Close all positions if certain events are triggered serverside

feature request: build a feature that will trigger all positions to be closed upon certain criteria that we could select via account options in the website UI. Criteria include 1) market approaching circuit breaker condition, 2) market closing within X minutes, 3) issues detected with a partner service (which partner service would be selectable), 4) Alpaca stops receiving heartbeats from our systems. I recognize we can build some of this ourselves, but this would save us all time by providing functionality we could all benefit from, but more importantly there may be circumstances that prevent our systems from communicating with yours. Maybe there’s an internet outage or a system freeze / unexpected bug that causes our code to hang with open positions. The end goal, at least speaking for myself, in building an automated trading system is to generate passive income, Passive means I don’t need to sit there watching it run in case something goes wrong. Contingency systems like this are pretty key to that