Changing stops on a open position

I’m looking to change the stop (or limit) value for an open position. This isn’t a trailing stop as requested elsewhere, just the change of the regular stop/limit value on a position - I can’t see anything in the documentation that allows the update of a position or any specific stop/limit related methods.

It seems like such an obvious thing- am I missing something? How would I do this?


I am very new to the Alpaca API, so perhaps this is a stupid answer, but…

Isn’t this the use case for the patch concept on the orders endpoint?

Even if patching the existing order doesn’t work, could you not just delete the existing stop order, and immediately create another one with the new parameters?

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With most brokers I’ve worked with, the stop is associated with a the open ticket or position and that there is no concept of a PUT for positions or even tickets, I hadn’t realised that I do need to submit orders with a stop price. So you’re right, orders are the way to go. Seems obvious now. thanks.

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