Cant see full history on ABAT


I am evaluating alpaca for historic market data and using the v2/bars endpoint. Got it orking quite nicelly but I noticed an error with ABAT compared to tradingview. I only see data on that ticker from 2023-09-21. But in tradingview the history goes back years. I have tried using the asof query parameter but no luck. Why is that?

@Discorida American Battery Technology Company (NASDAQ: ABAT) began trading on the NASDAQ exchange on 2023-09-21. Before that time it traded over-the-counter (OTCQX) as symbol ABTC. Alpaca only has data from exchange traded securities which are reported into the SIPs. Because ABAT traded over the counter before 2023-09-21, Alpaca doesn’t have market data before that date.

Hi @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca

Then I understand.

Thanks for your answer!