Can't connect to MinuteBar websocket

I’m writing a client for Alpaca in Rust, and in doing so I’m trying to subscribe to Trade, Qoute and MinuteBar streams over websocket. I can’t find any documentation that seems to be really up to date, but I managed to authenticate and subscribe to the “trade_updates” stream. However, trying to subscribe to “AM.NVDA” for instance, just returns empty string.

I’m following the documentation on this page, as it’s the best I could find, but it doesn’t seemt o be accurate:

I’ve also looked here:

This is the payload I’m trying to send to subscribe to the stream:

    "action": "listen",
    "data": {
        "streams": ["T.SPY", "Q.SPY", "AM.SPY"]

Grateful for any help or pointers to further reading :thinking: thanks