Cannot set a row with mismatched columns

What changes in the bars were made between close yesterday and open today. Is there somewhere I can follow to see what changes to the API are made or planned to be made or when these changes are going to be made?

Using the python API and this morning I am getting “cannot set a row with mismatched columns” error upon receiving the bars via stream

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Same here… get_barset seems to be working fine…

I resolved mine. You need to account for bars.vwap and bars.trade_count when appending stream bars to fetched bars.

It would still be nice to know when changes are planned to be pushed out.

I get an error when using .df to return the bars as a dataframe.

Still don’t know what is going on…

Reached dev team, they released the new API changes today, I don’t see any notification prior this release. So far, for my case, I’m using the python data v2 api, so the solution is: upgrade to the latest version >= 1.2.3

But I would callout, this API release is not backward compatible!! which breaks people like me, for a non-financial / experimental API, people may be accept it, but I believe Alpaca is a financial oriented company, such kind of non-professional release shouldn’t be happened. But unfortunately they breaks the users which just by bringing some new fields (I would assume the developers are excited about those new features), which makes me feel the team is not that professional as I expected… I would tag all the APIs are not reliable / backward compatible.

So, for the next step, set the correct expectation: the Alpaca api might be completely break the App suddenly, and make sure the App can be resumed from any point. Or, chose other data APIs, e.g.

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