Can you get the NASDAQ or DOW average responsibly?

Can you use the API to get the actual NASDAQ or DOW average in the same or similar way as the individual stocks?

What I would like to do is see the example for a 5 day data pull for the NASDAQ or DOW rather than one specific stock. The example in your code examples page works great for specific stocks!

I saw documentation on how to pull the whole NASDAQ but I think that would be irresponsible or wasteful.

Just started today, but I am wanting to build an AI to fiddle with. I plan to use outside data (not just one stock) to influence buying and selling.

Overly simplified, but if NASDAQ overall is going down, and your target tech stock is going up anyway, probably a good indicator to not sell until COB unless it drops more than the NASDAQ does in the same day, while if the NASDAQ is going up overall, your target stock might get higher than expected… (So adjust up the target sell price)

Anyway, it would be easy to get that info somewhere else, but better if it all comes from the same API.

Thanks for this awesome platform!!!

Just to clarify:

I would need to see the open/close prices for the last ‘n’ days (The example for a single stock used a 5 day range)

NASDAQ - bar1 = open / close,
bar2 = open / close,

You’ve probably figured this out by now, but you would actually use something like SPY (S&P500) or QQQ (Nasdaq 100) or DJI (DOW) as a reference for your market, not the entire exchange.

Have fun.

Thank you very much for that!