Bracket sell order not working

Hello sir we are place bracket sell order with postman my we are facing a error but buy order working fine please help

bracket sell order


  "side": "sell",

  "symbol": "EBAY",

  "type": "market",

  "qty": "1",

  "time_in_force": "day",

  "order_class": "bracket",

  "take_profit": {

    "limit_price": "60"


  "stop_loss": {

    "stop_price": "65"



    "code": 40310000,

    "message": "bracket orders must be entry orders"


I am also facing the same problem. If you solved it, could you post what was wrong?

Did anyone figure this out; seems like it’s still a problem? I’m getting the same error, “APIError: bracket orders must be entry orders”, when trying to sell short. My code works for long bracket orders, so it’s a system issue for sure.

From the order documentation, forbidden is the response when the conditions below are met. Please ensure you have sufficient buying power, and your bracket order is opening a position.


The new Order object


403 Forbidden
Buying power or shares is not sufficient.