Best way to access historical trade data

I am trying to troubleshoot a nice way to get historical trade data to update a React client stock chart. First I ping an endpoint on my node.js server to fetch from the GET/v2/stocks/{symbol}/trades. I set the limit to max (10,000). I tested querying a months worth of data using a while loop that checks if next_page_token is null, otherwise it constantly fetches more data. To finish it took around 95 requests @ 10,000 limit intervals per page, taking around 2 minutes and 26 seconds to retrieve all of that data. The data contained all of the trade data for a total month. Since I wouldn’t want the client to wait near that long to see a graph pop up, does anyone have any suggestions towards how: a.) How can I decrease how much data I need to aggregate in a day.(Given the stock I tested somewhat popular, it had 40K trades per day, can I possibly retrieve a fraction of that and move onto next day) b.) Come up with an efficient schema to do any preprocessing. c.) Open to any suggestions to cut down time to fetch data and allow client to show cool charts