Authentication Issue: API Key/Secret Key not working for both websocket (streams) and rest api (bars)

I followed the tutorial videos from ‘Part Time Larry’ to a tee, setting up python scripts to connect to websocket and rest api’s (for paper trading)

part 1 (websocket client)

there’s a part 2 that covers the rest api for ‘v1/bars’, and 3 as well that covers the bta-lib for python.

The websocket tutorial in part 1 worked for me perfectly until it didn’t (auth issue)
The rest api tutorial in part 2 connecting to the bars url didn’t work for me initially, but then miraculously started working out of the blue with no code changes, and at the same time, the websocket streams promptly stopped working out of the blue which had previously been working.

I think there is some problems with the auth tokens not working consistently across these api’s.

I’m for sure I’m not doing anything wrong in my code, and that there is some sort of infrastructure issue, and I don’t know who to contact to get this resolved. Not sure if this is widespread, or if this is just me. My email is

Coding error on my part. My bad. I’m now able to connect to streams websockets.