Are percent values wrong with paper trading with C# SDK?

This morning, I issued a market order for TQQQ with a quantity of 8 with my paper trading account:

  1. The order seemed to have executed because the _tradingClient.GetPositionAsync(symbol); call succeeds and tells me that my current quantity for the symbol is 8. However when I logged into my alpaca account via browser, there is no trace of this position. What is going on here?

  2. The _tradingClient.GetPositionAsync(symbol) also shows following information:


The AssetChangePercent as well as IntradayUnrealizedProfitLossPercent do not report the % value but only the fraction value.

For example:
The AssetChangePercent (because of the percent in the name) value should be: ((123.62 - 119.38)/119.38)*100 = 3.55… etc. However the current AssetChangePercent is 0.0355… which I think is wrong way to compute.

Is there any other explanation for the values that I got with GetPosition API call?