Alternatives to the Alpaca mobile app

I’m using Alpaca iOS mobile app and I’m surprized it’s so rudimentary and glitchy too. Practically no useful trading functions or visualization, plus it often simply stops updating the charts and figures, I have to restart the app to see the up-to-date data.

It pains me to see this especially that I am a software engineer myself (iOS in fact) and I love other aspects of Alpaca as a platform.

I previously used Revolut’s trading function and I found it orders of magnitude more intuitive and feature-rich. Revolut however charges non-trivial fees after reaching a certain monthly limit of orders.

Other platforms such as IBKR have atrocious UI and [non-]esthetics which is actually surprisingly common in trading. It’s almost as if traders don’t care about the quality of the UI!

Anyway, firstly are there plans to bring the app to a more or less usable state at least for beginner traders?

Alternatively, are there any quality 3rd party apps available that can be connected to my Alpaca trading account?


hello! Mahmoud from the Product team here.

Want to start off by saying thanks a lot for your feedback. We appreciate users giving their feedback and when its from engineers its even better :).

We have heard similar criticisms from the community as well and we are committed to resolving some of these issues. We understand that users want access to their portfolios on the go, and a level of control over their API trading (kill switch, liquidate all, …). Addressing the mobile app is on our roadmap.

In the meantime i would suggest to use our dashboard on mobile ( We invest a lot of time and effort in that space to make our dashboard mobile-responsive first. This is a WIP right now so if you find any issues feel free to reply to this thread and we can take a look at them and address them ASAP.

On another note, would love to jump on a call with you to discuss how you use Alpaca. Can we schedule something tomorrow?


Hi Mahmoud,

Thanks very much for your reply.

Yes we could definitely talk! I’m currently in GMT+4. Not sure how we can exchange contacts without exposing them here though, any idea?

here is a link to my Calendly. I am in GMT +2 these days so we should be able to find a slot easily.