Adjusted historical data?

Thanks for reporting @rockbusiness we are looking into this issue and fixing ASAP. At first glance, it seems like it was not a stock split but a spinoff where the price of IP was reduced by 2.97 to reflect the spin off of SLVM.

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Which endpoint did you use to get your data containing “n” and “vw” which are not included in the documentation?

I also have @xsiboss question that ‘vw’ isn’t documented in the docs but actually we get from the V2 endpoint for daily bars. Probably it’s volume weighted. An addition in the documentation might help @Abel_Alpaca .

Yeah, I confirmed that only 1Min Bars data return format is documented here. 15Min and 1Day Bars data include “n” and “vw” but those are not documented. I guess “n” is the number of trade ticks during the period and “vw” must be the VWAP. Alpaca is supposed to document this properly.
And also I found there are 2 different versions of the documentation page for market data as below:

Alpaca, please consolidate those pages or make them in sync.

Hello! Found another issue, appeared after enabling adjustment=“all” with PFE ticker: Screenshot by Lightshot the gap appears at 22.10.2020

Ticker IP’s data isn’t fixed still after so may days. Any updates ?

Hi @rockbusiness, the issue was fixed, please let us know if you are still receiving odd values.

Hi @igor_r, thank you for reporting the issue, this is fixed now.

Thanks @Abel_Alpaca . Looks like it is fixed now. I really appreciate the support.

Hi @Abel_Alpaca, issue with PFE is fixed, thanks! Found one more issue with DELL. there was some
corporate action on 02 November 2021, which is not adjusted in alpacas data.