403 for paper trading

I created a new broker account with NOT kyc passed . Issued new api key and tried at paper trading. All the endpoints responde 403. I’m trying to use the C# SDK, but anyway, the documentation is giving 403

@Lazaro_Armando First, a question. Will you be developing an app for trading a single account (eg your personal trading) or are you a broker developing an app to manage all your clients accounts? Only if this is an app to trade client accounts as a broker should you be using a ‘broker account’ and the sandbox. You want to simply open a regular account at Alpaca – Crypto, Stock Trading API, create API keys, and then use any of the Trading APIs (ie not the Broker APIs. If you plan on using the C# SDK, I believe that only supports the Trading APIs.

Thanks for your answers @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca. I’m opting for a broker account to provide paper trading accounts. So, I think I need some extra steps here.

@Lazaro_Armando Currently the Broker APIs do not support paper trading. The sandbox is only for initial testing and not production. However, anyone can sign up for a paper trading account. What is it you are wanting to do?

Ok, I’m already making some test using the paper and the C# SDK, thanks to your help.