1 Minute intervals skipping on paper trading UI?

So I have been running a bot for a few days (Day trading 1 min intervals) and on inspection of the market data provided by Alpaca I have noticed jumping time series.

In the first image I have 1 min intervals set and am hovering at time 20:24, the next available stick starts at 20:39 and not 20:25 , I thought maybe I was seeing shit or something but surely this cannot be q correct chart for my selected time series?

Image 1 (20:24): https://gyazo.com/b18fd1a414736c99f9416a83bad7791c

Image 2 (20:39) : https://gyazo.com/3272debc12f9b11b4fc487ce6311aa70

I dont know this was due to lack of market data or what but other brokerages provude correct 1 minute time series graphs with no missing data. Anyone able to shed some light?