Tutorial for beginners on how to create a simple trading bot using RSI

I’ve created new video tutorial called:
How to create a trading bot in Python (2) using RSI, TA-lib, Alpaca, Anaconda (and fit it in 15 lines of code) - for beginners.

Maybe it’ll be useful to someone.

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Nice! Looking forward to seeing the next one.

Thanks :slight_smile: The next tutorial is now online:
How to create a trading bot in Python (3) - with 4 candlestick patterns (Hammer, Shooting Star, Morning Star, Evening Star) and 2 indicators (RSI, and Bollinger Bands) + how to visualize data on charts. Using Alpaca and Anaconda.

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Great vid! Looking forward to the next one. Will it feature AI trading?

print(“Recieved a message.”)
formatted_message = ast.literal_eval(message)
last_close = formatted_message.get(“data”).get(“c”)

I’m having trouble with the lines here. I’m not getting anything back in a formatted message. Is there a different way to do this for v2 of alpaca?