Support for fractional shares

I second this too. It would be awesome to buy or sell by fractional shares.

I would like to see this feature as well - Please and Thank you !

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Yes please! Introduce fractional shares and you will be No.1!

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+1 Can’t request this feature enough.

still not seeing a big need for this

@kris With stocks like AMZN tinkering around $2k, it would open smaller investment transactions to play in stocks they otherwise could not afford. The product we’re thinking about leveraging alpaca with would require this for simplicities sake. Apps such as Robinhood, Loved, etc… all make fractional shares available to purchase. I’m looking for an API based service that would allow such transactions, is that Alpaca? Thank you.

I can understand wanting to have a cut of amazon, but i hope you understand that that has little impact on the market, robin hood just started doing it in dec by the way. and i bet you’ll see loads of other companies joining in. but that’s not how to invest. if you want gain look at top gainers you find companies like that are not day tradeable

+1 for fractional shares support. Has there been any movement on this subject?

I would also like fractional shares

I also can’t ask for fractional shares enough.

Fractional shares please please please.

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I too want this. Right now I’m looking into trading through the API at Robinhood. But you guys have cheaper margin rates. So I’ll keep doing it at RH until you guys offer fractional trading. I won’t move my money over without fractional trading.

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im still not convinced making 1-10% over a long time (some times a year or more) is better then 50-250% every day in just a few hours i might sound crazy but there’s only one way to day trade and right now that’s buy low sell high. you cant go far in fractions. maybe all of you / or me. are looking in the wrong place look for more “Top Gainers” over the idea of a big stake in apple or the next home depot check out finviz or investing and look for top gainers to start understanding how the market moves and get a feel for day trading.

+1 I need fractional shares before I can use alpaca with my app, that would definitely bring me over.


+1, currently I’m not running my algo on Robinhood because it supports fractional shares… I will def switch to Alpaca if you guys get fractional


I see the need for fractional shares purchase as well


+1 for fractional shares.

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Agreed–not all of us are trying to be algo day-traders–we just want to run our own ETFs with steady earnings given target ratios of stock, and this is much easier with fractional shares.

I want fractional shares as well. What is the ETA on this?

+1, Is this being considered, building my own ETF would be the prime usecase for moving me over.