PDT Warnings or Enforcement on Underfunded Accounts

A couple times in the past when day trading with less than $25k I messed up and entered a trade that I shouldn’t have because of the PDT rule. When I was with IB, the TWS platform would stop me from exiting but of course there is a way around everything. I could hit “Close All Positions” and there. If I already had three day trades and then closed out a position entered earlier the same day, I was triggered. Major inconvenience, especially after the reset.

What I am thinking is that there should be some painfully obvious indication of how many day trades are already recorded for the 5 day running period, and also some sort of failsafe that would prevent placing an order unless overridden, when there are already three day trades or three potential day trades in the past 5 days. Okay maybe it sounds like I am asking for a babysitter here and if so, I apologize, but this could be a handy feature, and if it were accessible through API even better, and if it could be displayed on TradingView and other readyrolled interfaces, even mo better. Maybe a green/yellow/red go/caution/stop light, sorta.

I just read another thread about API error that prevents closing a position if it would create a PDT trigger. Okay, cool. But someone could inadvertantly enter a trade that under no circumstances would they want to remain in overnight, but of course be stuck with it. What I have in mind would reduce the chances of this happening.

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