Mara does not have a price

What is going on with MARA? its at 0% and at a loss no price?

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I have MARA (Marathon Patent Group) in my portfolio too and the price is not moving for me either. It doesn’t even show today’s movement.

Does anyone else have MARA in their portfolio?

yes I do, same. My whole account just dropped and nothing adds up or is moving. None of this makes sense.

I cant sell Mara? It says not allowed to short but I have 5 shares.

There was a name change, but I am not sure what the impact or how that effects me. Aplaca, please chime in and give some insight as to what you are doing on your side. Jason

Here is an update, the short story is that they are getting the ticker changed and we can’t do anything until that’s complete. The general feeling is everything is ok.

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I tried to liquidate MARA and now it seems I am long and short by the same number of shares

maybe it got delisted?

Also for me. Cannot sell MARA. It just added a negative position after I placed a sell order.

It’s a problem in papare but not in live. They replied to me:
Please be advised that at this time corporate actions are not processed in the paper environment. We hope to update paper in the future so that CA are processed as they would be in live.

My problem was in live. It’s resolved now, though.