Hearing multiple channels in Polygon

I am suscribing to multiple channels of Polygon using the StreamConn.register() function of the alpaca-trade-api client SDK. I would like to know if its more efficient to connect to each channel individually, or to connect to multiple channels and use a regular expression.

In other words, is it better to do

conn.register("Q.MSFT", on_quote)
conn.register("Q.AAPL", on_quote)

or use a regular expression like:

conn.register("Q.MSFT|Q.AAPL", on_quote)

The docs don’t suggest any preferable way.

In a somewhat related issue, I discovered that I had register with conn.register("Q", on_quote), since Polygon changed the way this works. Then to call you function you need to conn.run(['Q.AAPL', 'Q.ANOTHER'])

I think it’s slightly more efficient to register one function and dispatch to different process inside it. The underlying connection is anyway the same so there is not much difference in network performance.