Getting Server Error for aggs with "hour" or "minute"

A paper trading API call for aggs with “day” works fine:

curl -X GET -H "APCA-API-KEY-ID: ****" -H "APCA-API-SECRET-KEY: ****" \

and results in:


The same API call, but with “hour”

curl -X GET -H "APCA-API-KEY-ID: ****" -H "APCA-API-SECRET-KEY: ****" \

doesn’t work and results in an internal server error with “given ticker not found”:

{"code":50010000,"message":"internal server error occurred"}{"code":40010001,"message":"the given ticker not found: AAPL"}

“month”, “week”, “day” work.
“hour”, “minute” don’t.

Why is that? Am I doing anything wrong?

I don’t your’e doing anything wrong. I’m getting the same error with code that was working this morning.

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Looks like the whole endpoint is down, I keep getting 500 on 1minute api calls.

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Day works but minute doesn’t for me.

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