Extended hour order in TradingView?

I’m kinda new to Alpaca. As the title, is there a way to create order in tradingview during extended hours?

I wish. You have to go to Alpaca’s website or else place the order through the API. There are a bunch of things that you can do with Alpaca but that you cannot do via TradingView. Bracket orders, for instance. This thing is still very much a work in progress but the progress part is kinda slow or stopped. Shame, because I love TradingView for charting and analysis. Honestly, either Alpaca should buy TradingView or TradingView should buy Alpaca. I would say IB should buy Alpaca AND TradingView both, but they would probably screw it up badly. The thing is, two separate companies are NOT EVER going to play nicely together and synch perfectly for a seamless consumer/client experience. With everything under one roof there is a chance.