BBWI - Bath N Body Works Daily data is not retreieved correctly

When i try to pull the Daily timeframe data for BBWI - Bath N Body Works Daily - only about last 43 days data is retrieved. Kindly help and check what the issue is

Hi @sudhir_shet, thank you for reporting this - are you retrieving the data as an Unlimited subscriber? Can you also please share your request?

I use my unlimited subscription account API - I am able to pull all other stocks daily timeframe one year’s candlestick data - but only BBWI has only ~40 something rows…
BBWI has data only from 3rd Aug 2021
VTRS is another name that has data only from 17th Nov 2021…

Not sure if that helps, but BBWI used to trade as LB before the VSCO spinoff, which was on August 3rd.

My understanding is that some providers have back populated their BBWI data sets based on LB time series, but BBWI as a separate entity started trading on August 3rd.