Bars for IBM daily data is unusable as it is completely off

The bars of IBM before 04 October is wildly off as below. IBM trades around 120s but the bars before 04 october is more than 600. Please correct it.

“t”: “2021-11-03T04:00:00Z”,
“o”: 622.650298,
“h”: 627.928668,
“l”: 619.986448,
“c”: 627.139379,
“v”: 1083308,
“n”: 56824,
“vw”: 625.318539
“t”: “2021-11-04T04:00:00Z”,
“o”: 121.432101,
“h”: 121.688619,
“l”: 118.294677,
“c”: 119.231958,
“v”: 7208599,
“n”: 101242,
“vw”: 119.590622

This is Exhibit A why data vendors should not try to provide “adjusted” data, since they are unlikely to ever do it right. They should just provide point-in-time historical data without touching anything.

IBM had a spin-off of 0.2 shares KD per IBM on 11/4/2021.

So the “adjustment” logic saw 0.2 and blindly scaled data before that date by 0.2.